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Heather studied at Central St. Martins College of Art in London. Much of her early work was seen in the 1970s and 1980s on greeting cards published by Gordon Fraser, and her paintings of small animals and flowers became very well known.

The first of the books which she has written and illustrated for children appeared in 1985, and the Tales of George and Matilda Mouse (first published by Methuen Children's Books) have become popular with children in many countries, with their detailed and colourful pictures. The books have been translated into French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Greek and Bulgarian, and there are twelve stories in the series. Heather is now re-telling the mouse stories in a totally different format and creating new pictures for them.

In 1990 illustrations from George and Matilda Mouse and the Floating School won the Owl Prize at the 25th Original Pictures Exhibition of World Book Illustrators in Japan, where her work is much admired. George and Matilda Mouse and other characters have become known world-wide on jigsaw puzzles, posters, postcards and jewellery.

Heather has produced other animal stories, such as Little Pig in 1992 for Methuen, and for Ragged Bears The Littlest Book of Mice and later The Littlest Book of Herbs in which she shows her great love for botanical illustration. She has also written and illustrated stories about six animal friends who live in a buttercup meadow. She is, at present, working on a new educational series entitled "What Every Little Mouse Should Know".

She spends a lot of time working with children in schools, encouraging them to write and illustrate their own books by showing them how she works. She has always enjoyed making three-dimensional models for her characters in their own special world, and she uses these to bring her stories alive for children. She is at present organizing a Creative Learning Centre at her home, to which both children and adults can come for inspiration for their own studies of writing, illustration and craft. Heather also uses needlework for the creation of pictures, combined with collage and patchwork.

Even when she was very young she wanted to write and illustrate books and to create pictures. She was drawing constantly from the age of 3. Now her work gives pleasure to people all over the world.

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