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Schools invite Heather and all the mice to show them how she writes and illustrates her books. This way she can teach children how they can create their own characters, write their own stories, and make books themselves.

1. Heather organizes her day by working with children and staff in three groups. She shows them the pictures she drew when she was at primary school and explains how they led her to create many characters and stories.

On her visit, Heather brings lots of pictures and models, and of course George Mouse, who travels in his famous caravan with his family.

3. Everything begins with an idea which she develops. First comes the story plan, then sketching your character and, above all, turning yourself into them, so that you can write their story. Then you proceed to create the book followed by printing it.

4. Heather always spends a good deal of time drawing for the children using crayons, felt-tips, then explaining the basic technique of painting with special effects to enhance their work. Storyboards are then made and assembled, and become each child's own little individual book.

5. Schools can keep in touch with Heather and George Mouse by e-mail or letter. Feedback from schools is excellent, and children have been inspired to produce wonderful things on their own.


To invite Heather to come to your school, or simply to find out more information about school visits, please send an email to:


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