Hi, I’m Clover

Pleased to meet you!
If you would like to know more about me, just read below.

Introducing me
I’m George Mouse’s second eldest sister. I live in the Tree House by the stream where Rowan, my dad, moors his boat. Bryony, Campanula, Cowslip, Daisy and George (my sisters and brother) love it when I row them in the boat down the stream.

What I love to do

Swimming. I swim like a fish.

My favourite colours

Dark blue, the colour of the new track suit that I am knitting myself to wear for jogging in the winter.

My favourite food

Spinach! It gives you iron for strong muscles.

What I like

My trapeze because I love to do
somersaults high in the air.

What I dislike

I hate to sit still.

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