Meet Heather


Ever since I was a little girl I used to write stories and drew pictures to go with them. I had a lot of hamsters when I was 8 years old (because they kept having babies) and they were all different colours and all had names.

My father made them a beautiful home out of an old wardrobe. I started drawing them, and then much later two mice popped into my mind, and I wanted to tell their story. I didn’t know at first that they were called George and Matilda, but they were.

They became very real and had wonderful adventures, making things, travelling, and saving themselves and their friends from being caught by cats. They wanted to explore places where no mouse had ever gone before. You can read about their adventures in the 12 books I have so far written about them, which are listed on the book page.

George Mouse has just discovered the world of computers, and has helped to make this website. He plans to use it to interact with children himself (as no mouse has ever done before) by helping them to make things, solve puzzles, and above all have fun!

If you have ideas that you think he should know about, please do e-mail him, because he gets very excited when he checks his computer and finds new letters.

This is me when I was 9. I was busy drawing and writing a lot at this time and my ambition was to be an author and illustrator.