Hi, I’m Dandelion

It’s cool that you want to know more about me.

Introducing me
I’m one of the Rockery mice and I go to George and Matilda’s school with my two sisters, Marigold and Gentian. Our mum and dad have a neat place in the Rockery Caverns.

What I love to do

The long jump is my favourite sporting activity, and I practice it whenever I can.

My favourite colours

Red and white, like the colours of my lucky spotted handkerchief.

My favourite food

I enjoy nibbling dandelions, and have them in cake, coffee, juice and sandwiches.

What I like

The trampoline my dad made me out of a piece of elastic

What I dislike

Goldfish! If it hadn’t been for Lobelia, I would have been swallowed whole by the goldfish in the pond when I fell in on my first journey to school.

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