Hi, I’m Fergus

Well, well, I am very pleased to meet you.
If you would allow me to let you know more about myself, read on below.

Introducing me
I live in a very fine and comfortable old leather boot with it’s original laces in the flower bed near to the Doll’s House. I have always lived alone, but have a lot of good friends. A little girl hid her doll’s house behind the ivy in the flower bed long ago when I was a very young mouse. It was then that I made my home nearby. I was all alone because my parents had been caught by the cat.

What I love to do

I enjoy being with my friends.

My favourite colours

I love the colours of autumn, reds, yellows and oranges.

My favourite food

The delicious raspberry jam that Matilda makes every autumn from the raspberries in the garden.

What I like

My most prized possession is the patchwork waist coat that Matilda made for me.

What I dislike

Cold frosty weather because it makes my joints ache.

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