Hi, I’m Lobelia

How do you do? How nice to meet you.
Would you like to know more about me, please read below.

Introducing me
I’m a grandmother mouse and I live in the caverns under the Rockery beside the pond. I can see the Doll’s House where George and Matilda live,from my front door. I have lived in this garden longer than any other mouse I know, even longer than my dear old friend Fergus.

What I love to do

Well, even at my age I still like to have adventures. I will always remember the night when led all our little Rockery mice around for their first day at the ‘Floating School’, and I had to rescue Dandelion when he fell in the pond. I used my walking stick to pull him out, otherwise he would have been eaten by the hungry goldfish.

My favourite colours


My favourite food

I love raisins.

What I like

I love knitting woolen jumpers and scarves for the little Rockery mice.

What I dislike

I don’t like loud noises like cats yowling and fireworks going off, BANG!

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