Hi, I’m Mallow

How many legs does a Ladybird have?
Answer: 6
If you got that right you can read below and find out all about me.

Introducing me
I’m a quintuplet! That means there are four more a bit like me, and we all share the same birthday. We all live together in the Doll’s House with our parents, George and Matilda.

What I love to do

I love to tease my brothers, Parsley and Periwinkle, and my sisters, Columbine and Polyanthus. With names like those, who wouldn’t! I just love creepy crawlies! Anything that wriggles I take home and keep under my bed, but sometimes they jump out and scare my mum. Then she gets really mad with me.

My favourite colours

I like red because it is the colour of my favourite insects, Ladybirds.

My favourite food

Juicy lettuce leaves.

What I like

Best of all I like to share lettuce leaves with my insect friends. I like Saxifrage too, she’s my girlfriend and she’s in charge of the counting Ladybirds at school.

What I dislike

I don’t like my mum letting my creepy crawlies go when it took me ages to catch them, and teach them tricks.

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