Hi, I’m Oliver and I’m Humphrey

It’s cool to see you.
Want to find out about us? Then read below.

Introducing us
We are Matilda’s twin brothers. Can you tell us apart? We used to have a lot of fun pretending to be each other until Matilda made us patchwork jackets in different colours. But we can still swop clothes!

What we love to do

We are always getting into some kind of trouble and Matilda has to take special care of us.

Our favourite colours

Oliver’s favourite colour is yellowy-green, and my favourite colour is bluey-green.

Our favourite food

My favourite is a banana, and it
takes me a week to eat a whole one. Humphrey’s favourite
food is porridge oats.

What we like

We like mostly the same things. First of all we like escaping from our home and going out into the garden to explore. In winter we love having snowball fights.

What we dislike

Being told off by the toad in the flowerbed when we go off exploring. The toad is a friend of our sister Matilda, and he helps her keep an eye on us.

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