Hi! I’m Periwinkle

I’m pleased to meet you, but why are you upside down?

Hop down below.

Introducing me
I have four other brothers and sisters who were born at the same time as me. We’re quintuplets and we all live in the Doll’s House with dad, mum, George and Matilda. I’m named after a seashell like the ones mum decorated her sandcastle with.

What I love to do

Walk upside down carrying things with my toes. My family doesn’t like it much and hopes that I will grow out of it. But I won’t, because it’s more fun that way.

My favourite colours

I like yellow best because it is the colour of sunflowers that I like to grow.

My favourite food

Raw carrots all chopped up so that
I can eat them upside down. Not like water which I have
to turn myself the right side up to drink.

What I like

I like to draw maps to find out where I am. Looking up at the stars when I lye on my back is great fun and I know the names of all the planets.

What I dislike

Finding myself nose to nose with a big shiny beetle.

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