Hi! I’m Polyanthus

Just call me Polly.
Take a peek below if you want to know more about me.

Introducing me
I’ve got three brothers and one sister and we were all born together. We’re called quintuplets and we live in the Doll’s House with dad and mum, George and Matilda. I have got nicknames for everybody. Columbine is Colly, and my brothers Periwinkle, Mallow, and Parsley are Parry, Mally and Peri.

What I love to do

I love to do everything my brothers do especially playing football.

My favourite colours

Brown. I would love a brown cowboy jacket with fringes on the jacket.

My favourite food

Sunflower seeds from the sunflowers Perry grows.

What I like

To dig deep holes in the ground and to climb trees.

What I dislike

Having to take a bath and wear a dress.

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