Hi! I’m Primula

I am delighted to meet you.
If you would like, you may read below and find out more about me.

Introducing me
My father named me after the flower when I was born in the greenhouse next to the old lady’s cottage in Wales. With the scraps of material she found by the old lady’s sewing basket, Mother made me the most wonderful clothes.

What I love to do

Sewing is what I like to do best and I taught my eldest daughter Matilda to sew when she was a small mouse.

My favourite colours

I like purple, and I wear a purple dress with a white apron to protect it when I cook.

My favourite food

I like nothing better than gorgonzola cheese with chives.

What I like

To prepare delicious meals for my family which we eat by candle light in the teapot.

What I dislike

Spiders who try to spin their webs in my very clean teapot home.

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