Hi! I’m Rosie

Thankyou for coming to find me.
Look below and you’ll find out all about me.

Introducing me
I live in a teapot with my parents Parsley and Primula, and I’ve got older twin brothers Oliver and Humphrey, and two sisters, Holly, she’s the baby, and Matilda who looks after us.

What I love to do

To make up stories to tell. When no one else is there to listen I even tell them to myself.

My favourite colours

Pale pink is my favourite.

My favourite food

A strand of spaghetti sprinkled in parmesan cheese is the yummiest thing I can think of.

What I like

I collect bits and pieces of cloth
to make dressing up clothes with.

What I dislike

Worms! Oliver and Humphrey told
me they were big pieces of spaghetti, but I know they’re

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